40 Years in the Making

Hot damn, I’m turning 40! Maybe that wasn’t what you were expecting? I remember watching Oprah’s surprise 40th birthday party on TV in 1994 and thinking that she really had it all together. I loved seeing Gladys Knight, Patti LaBelle, and Aretha Franklin give her their thoughts on turning 40. Years later, Jennifer Aniston turned […]

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Our Brain’s Story

The human brain has one extremely important task – survival. In fact, sometimes when we desire something – a cookie, a new pair of shoes, a glass of red wine – our brain interprets  that as something we need to survive. Have you ever found yourself obsessively thinking about a cookie you ate an hour, […]

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Finding My Way

A few years ago I found myself at an impasse in my career. I was unhappy with my day-to-day and felt I could do better for myself, my family, friends and colleagues. I was tired of being the person at the barbeque, dinner party, or neighborhood get together that always complained about her job. My […]

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Being New

Over the past three years, I’ve been lucky enough to have four different roles at my job. Each of these roles were brand new to me. As human beings, change does not always sit well with us. I’ve recognized the change that is hardest for me is being new. In life we experience being new […]

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