Define Your Time

Did you see that post? Catch that Tweet? Read that article? Hear about the horrifying event in the news? Did you get my text? Did you see my email? Did you catch that podcast? Breathe. We have created a world of abundant information that is delivered to us faster than ever. We have endless choices […]

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Creating Connection

I have a sustained curiosity for people. Because of this curiosity, I enjoy hearing why people do what they do, how they do it, and their experiences. Even with this curiosity, when I walk into a big event, I still get a feeling of panic about how to approach it. What will I talk about? […]

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Confidence Uncovered

We frequently get confidence wrong. We think we need to have confidence in order to do something. However, confidence builds when we try new things and take risks. The more we do something, the more our confidence grows. I remember when I first learned to swim as a kid. I was excited to be in […]

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Things-You’re-Good-At Library

When was the last time you took stock of what you do well? Between work, relationships, technology, and the many things you have on your to-do list, the things you’re good at can get overlooked and taken for granted.  Your unique Things-You’re-Good-At library can be accessed in times of self-doubt, new beginnings, and uncomfortable territory. […]

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Shifting Focus

The 4th of July holiday this year gave me a gift. I hit a point of burnout and knew I needed time to do nothing. As the holiday got closer, I could feel the energy shifting and my focus diverting to what I needed most – rest.  Life has different seasons. Sometimes it’s a lot […]

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When you were a toddler learning how to walk, I bet you fell down a lot. In fact, before you even took your first step, you turned over for the first time, you slid around on the floor, and eventually you crawled. You were determined because what you knew from your observations was that you […]

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