Gifts and nuggets of joy

What gifts and nuggets of joy are ahead of sheltering in place?

When I talked to a colleague of mine in China two months ago, she had been in quarantine at home for over two months. She was joyful and answered my question, “do you get used to it?” with a resounding, “Yes!”

Living in one of the first states to shelter in place, I am now where she was – just over two months at home. What I am experiencing today is happiness, possibility, creativity, and opportunity.

I acknowledge that people are suffering, dying, and life is very different than it was three months ago. I also see beauty and light ahead.

As I reflect on my time over the last two months I’ve learned what I want to do differently. I’m sharing these with you to spark your own creative ideas.

Sleep longer

With an emphasis on health, I’ve been giving myself more time to sleep. Since sheltering in place, I’ve added 30 – 60 minutes to my sleep at night. As a result, I’ve noticed I’m more patient with myself and others and I feel better.

Doing nothing is ok and welcome!

I often fill my time with “doing.” When I’m doing, I have less space for creativity. While being home and shifting my priorities, I have created more time to do nothing. Doing nothing reenergizes me and sparks curiosity.

Connection is possible with little effort

When I was a kid, we lived in a small town. I remember our phone in the kitchen ringing a lot and my Mom having many conversations at the grocery store. Over time, phone calls and chats at the store have decreased.

With social media, my connection has been enhanced and hindered. What I’ve realized during this time is that it’s much easier to connect with people than I thought. I’ve had connected conversations with people via phone and Zoom that I otherwise wouldn’t have had. Connection doesn’t just happen in person or on Facebook. A phone call, thoughtful text message, or a FaceTime/Zoom call is accessible at all times.

Life is now

The things I put off, the person I didn’t visit, the trip I didn’t take… life is NOW. I have the resources to create possibilities in all things at all times. I may not be able to travel somewhere physically but I can read a book, watch a movie, or connect with someone over the phone.

There is power in the present moment. Connection happens when I am present – in my relationships and in my experiences. What is happening right now is the most important thing.

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