What is right in the world?

What makes night within us may leave stars.” – Victor Hugo

I have been working on acceptance over the last week. I’m learning that positive change doesn’t happen until I accept a situation, event, or circumstance. Acceptance doesn’t mean I have to, or need to, like the situation, event, or circumstance. It simply means I get to accept what is. 

The other component of this is loving the acceptance of what is. What is the possibility of the current reality? Possibility, to me, is love. I acknowledge there is a lot of sadness, I feel it and I let myself feel it. I also feel and notice the possibility. 

With acceptance, it helps me focus on what is right in the world. By right, I don’t mean correct. I mean what is right for me. These ideas may help you find your right and move closer to acceptance, which is why I feel called to share them. 

Creating new ways to connect

People are creating new ways to connect across the globe. Oprah is interviewing thought leaders on her laptop and airing these simple videos on AppleTV. Many of us are learning how to connect virtually in ways we didn’t know were possible before. Facebook groups like “The view from my window” and “The Kindness Pandemic” are drawing in hundreds of thousands of people. 


I am redesigning my priorities. My days are full. I have been in several meetings throughout the day and on the weekends. Yesterday was my first day off in many weeks. I am challenging myself to be very conscientious about what I commit to and why. My intention for making the choices I do is bubbling up to front and center.


When I focus on what I’m grateful for, I lose the frustration, the fear, and the negativity. There is so much to be grateful for – health and wellness, my husband, a healthy family, living in a warm house, having food to eat, and it goes on. Rachel Hollis noted today that, “Quarantine is a privilege” and it truly is. 

Focusing on what is right in the world makes a difference in how I sleep, awaken, interact, and show up. I am sending you much love during this time. 

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