Ways to be healthy

We are in unprecedented times. I have experienced a range of emotions over the last few weeks. Emotions like joy, love, anxiety, connection, fear, peace, and gratitude. My main focus during this time is wellness – for myself and for others. Below is how I’m creating that focus in my life.


Meditation is ideal for wellness and improves the immune system. I have been using the search function on the Insight Timer app for the word “wellness.” This app has several, free, guided meditations to access from a computer or phone.

The guided meditation that worked best for me this week is called, “Rewire Your Brain For Focus, Balance And Wellness.” Another one I found helpful is called, “Perfect Health Meditation.” Both of these connected me with my body and helped me fully relax. To read more about meditation, click here to read my previous post on the topic.

Now is a great time to start a meditation practice.


I have a morning routine that I usually get up early for. Since Seattle has gone indoors around the clock, I’ve been sleeping later than usual. I make sure to get seven and a half to eight hours of sleep during this time. Napping during the day is helpful too.


I’ve been doing a 20-minute YouTube exercise video in the morning and taking walks in the afternoon for at least 30 minutes a day. I prefer to do both, some days it’s one over the other – depending on my schedule. The point is to make sure I’m moving, getting my heart rate up, breathing well, and engaging my muscles.

Eating Healthy

My freezer has Girl Scout cookies in them and, trust me, there have been days when I wanted to eat them all. Right now I’m focused on eating as healthy as possible. That means I’m eating vegetables every day. I’m staying away from junk food and sugar. Although let’s be real, I have a couple of cookies throughout the day.

I’ve refrained from having alcohol since going into quarantine. Alcohol messes with my sleep and my mind (it’s a depressant) so I’m choosing to drink water instead.

There are other things I’m doing, like drinking hot water, staying hydrated, adding Nuun vitamin tablets to my water, monitoring my news sources and intake, spending quality time with my husband, reading uplifting books, and watching funny movies. I get to keep my mind, body, and spirit as healthy as possible during this time. When I take care of myself I stay healthy and I’m a better friend, wife, and colleague.

If you’ve been wanting to give yourself more self-care, now is the time. Please start today. Your heart and well-being impacts all of us. The more positivity and love we’re experiencing, the faster we’ll be through to the next phase.



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