Moving through a reorg, change of direction, or wrong fit

At some point, we all experience transition. Sometimes transitions are pleasant surprises, sometimes they are painful and bring rapid growth, and sometimes – months or years later – we recognize them as gifts.

We are living in a time of massive change and many of us are going through transitions. If you experienced a reorg, a downsizing, or have been let go from your job, please know you still matter. Your power is in your truth, your authenticity, your possibility, and your unique gifts. This transition is not here to define you, it may be here to set you free.

If you are in a place of resistance, below is what has helped me through my current season of transition.


Use the resources you have available. Call your employee assistance program, meet with a coach or therapist, talk to your close friends about it, let the people closest to you know what you’re experiencing and how it’s impacting you.


Give yourself permission to feel. Feel your anger, sadness, fear, and anxiety. These feelings are valid and completely normal.

When changes are made for us, without our choosing, our brains go into flight or fight mode to keep us safe. Our brains are designed to seek comfort and routine. When we’re shifted out of that space, a lot of feelings bubble up to the surface.

Open to possibility

This change could be an opportunity. What does it mean for you? Is it a wake-up call to try something completely different? Is it a time to reflect and question what you want? After the hurt dissipates, open yourself to possibility.

Love yourself

Be kind to yourself. Just because a company, a client, or a manager decided to make a change that impacted you does not mean you are less-than. Keep your self-talk in check – what you say to yourself makes a difference, create space to do things you love, laugh – even if it’s at funny cat videos, and know you are loved for who you are.

You matter and this time doesn’t define you. It may propel you to exactly where you need to be.

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