Wouldn’t it be nice if…

Wouldn’t it be nice to hug your friend without thinking about six feet of distance? Wouldn’t it be nice if the Coronavirus dissipated and a vaccine was created? 

Our reality is different today than it was seven days ago. Time flies and wanes, depending on the experience. What I know for sure is that we each have a choice in how we approach every single moment. 

Below are two ideas to try during our current experience that will help in many aspects of your life, not just for COVID-19.

Wouldn’t it be nice if…

Our survival brain automatically pulls up a list of things that are uncomfortable or inconvenient. This list may look like this: I have to stay inside, I have to wash my hands, I have to stay away from people. Your unconscious mind is doing what it does best – protects you and helps you survive as a living being. This is incredibly helpful when you need that warning system. It’s not helpful when you’re not under direct threat. 

In the book Ask and It is Given by Ester Hicks, it’s recommended to use “Wouldn’t it be nice if…” rather than rolling through a list of all that is challenging.

Wouldn’t it be nice if I travel soon? Wouldn’t it be nice if I see my family soon? Wouldn’t it be nice if our community works together? Wouldn’t it be nice if I connect with someone new?

Doing this exercise helps shift away from a downward spiral to possibility. 

One moment at a time

If you find yourself in a moment of panic, anxiety, or uncertainty, take a breath. Focus on the inhale and the exhale. Breathe in for six seconds, deep into your belly, and exhale for six seconds. Notice the present moment. What do you see in this moment? What do you hear? What do you smell? 

By focusing on one moment at a time, you see the truth of what is happening. You’re not connected to what just happened or what could happen. Right now is 100% true. 

We will move through this – we get to learn and grow in the process.

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