Full of life, full of fire

This International Women’s Day I’d like you to meet a woman who is full of life, full of fire, and is making a difference in the world.

This woman is me!

My courage, grace, vulnerability, and authenticity takes me where I want to go. Also, like you, my self-doubt and fear hold me back.

As I invest in myself, I get to recognize my self-doubt and fear and choose to shift past it into a space of self-assurance, confidence, and power.

Over the past month, I’ve been focusing on my own power. It’s beautiful, messy, and extremely liberating. I feel lucky to do the work I’ve been doing to create a shift from the inside out.

I am here to unify, love and create a world in which we all have equitable opportunities to be who we want to be.

Below are three things to help further your growth to be the person you want to be.

Note the distractions

My distraction is my phone. If I’m in an uncomfortable situation, I reach for my phone like it’s a big, block pacifier. Other common distractions are confusion, booze, overeating, and clutter. We create distractions to take our focus away from what we’re experiencing so we don’t have to feel uncomfortable. Awareness is the first step to move away from distraction.

What is the belief?

When you stop yourself from moving forward, what belief do you have? Here are a few that come up for me: I can’t do that, no one will care, my idea isn’t good enough, people will make fun of me.

When you catch the belief in action, you can see it for what it is – not the truth. A belief is simply a belief. It can be changed and doesn’t hold any truth or power.

Focus on the possibility

Rather than buying into the story of the complaint, the excuse, or the saga of why you’re not doing something you want to do, shift your mind, body, and spirit to possibility.

Everything that happens in life is temporary. If you’re in a spot you don’t enjoy, look at what is possible in the moments to come.

Your life matters and you get to shine in this world. These things hold all of us back and those of us who can see them and move past them get to lift others out of them and into a brighter way of being.





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