What happens when you focus differently?

Have you ever had that fluttery feeling in your gut? You’re excited, nervous, and a little afraid?

When you go after things in life that give you a fluttery feeling, focusing your awareness on what you think, what you say, and how you act can shift what you attract and how you show up.

This morning I woke up experiencing anxiety. My fluttery feeling went straight to my head and I was playing scenarios over and over about what could happen, none of which were actually happening or serving me.

Below is what I did to shift myself out of anxiety and into possibility.

Focus on what I can do

I get to decide what I can do. Once I realized I was experiencing anxiety, I got up and did a meditation and wrote down a few things I’m grateful for. Then, I wrote down a few things I am committed to doing for the day and how much time I want to spend on each one. The goal here is to focus on what is possible. I stay out of the space of complaining, thinking about what I can’t do, or what I don’t want to do. Focusing on what I can’t do steers my energy in that direction. Focusing on what I can do draws me to possibility.


When I was experiencing anxiety, I consciously accepted my state. By accepting this as an experience, I acknowledged it. I raised awareness to the feeling and saw it as a temporary state of being.

Acceptance is a space I can work with. If I push the feeling away or don’t accept that I am experiencing it, I deny my own authenticity.

What is in this moment?

Anxiety is rooted in the fear of what is to come. The only real thing happening is right now, in this moment. Breathing and settling into the moment is helpful. I get to choose to be present and trust that what will happen will be what’s meant to happen.

The next time you experience anxiety, focus on what you can do, accept your state as an experience, and settle into the present moment. Let me know if this helps you by leaving a comment on this post.

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