What are you committed to?

I spent the last two weeks in an intense leadership training. I agreed to keep the processes and things shared in the training confidential. I choose to share what I am committed to after going through the training.

I realized I have been creating disconnection and I am committed to creating connection with others.

Connection is presence, it’s seeing another person in their whole being and accepting them for who they are, it’s opening to possibility in the moment, it’s trusting myself and the other person, it’s being authentic – meaning my insides match my outside, it’s being okay with rejection, fear, and being judged.

True, deep connection can feel raw and exposed. It can also feel beautiful and as if time is standing still.

Since I’ve committed to connection, I’ve made present eye contact. I’ve noticed people blossom in that moment and I can feel them being seen. Some people look away and some people won’t look at all.

When I experience disconnection, I get to look at my way of being. How am I showing up? Am I living from my heart or from my head? I get to choose how I live from moment to moment and what I commit to.

As you go through your moments, what are you committing to? How are you choosing to be and live?

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