Time to clear your mind

Have you ever longed to unplug and get away from the noise for a while?

Below are three ways to clear your mind without taking a vacation.


Exercise helps relieve tension and boosts endorphins and mental energy. Whether you’re walking or sweating it out at the gym, moving your body will help you gain clarity and clear your mind.


Having a regular meditation practice gives the mind a break. That doesn’t mean your thoughts are on pause, it means you’re observing your thoughts and releasing your mental energy from interruption.

Five minutes a day can help you build a consistent practice. Using apps like Headspace, Insight Timer, Calm, Simple Habit, or Ten Percent can help guide you.


To be mindful is to be present and acknowledge what is happening at the moment. This practice works best away from technology, interruption, and distraction. Find a quiet place and observe the moment. Move your focus away from the past or what’s to come.

Allow your mind and feelings to do what they do, observe, and simply be. Mindfulness and meditation can be used together as well.

Your creativity, energy, and authenticity are at its best when you give yourself ways to clear your mind.

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