What’s your 2020 focus?

One new year I made a resolution to learn how to use chopsticks. I had avoided learning and was tired of being the only one with a fork while everyone else was elegantly using chopsticks with ease. This was the only time I remember making a resolution. I’ve written out goals and made vision boards. This year I’m focusing on creating new habits. I’ve also selected a word to focus on for 2020 – freedom. 

If you are a person who desires more freedom, we have a lot in common. Freedom can be associated with money, time, and vocation. For example, have you ever thought – if I had more money, I’d retire and move to Europe and my time will be my own? I have definitely thought this but have learned that freedom doesn’t always come with money, time, or vocation. Freedom comes from choice. 

In 2020, below are a few ways I’m focusing on freedom. If you have an interest in focusing on freedom as well, this will help for the year ahead.

How I spend my time

Time is elusive – sometimes it can’t go by fast enough and other times it speeds by faster than I knew it could. This year I’m focusing on how I choose to spend my time. 

You may think that some things – like having to go to work – do not come with a choice. However, it’s quite the opposite. Choosing to work, earn a paycheck, and be of value are all choices. I understand that there are minutes, hours, days, and even years that are a struggle to get through. Shifting your mindset from “having to be there” to “why am I choosing this experience?” can be thought-provoking and uplifting. 

This year, whenever I get in a space where I am frustrated by how I’m spending my time, I will ask what I’m choosing in the experience and why. 

Who I spend my time with

As I get older, I am pickier about who I spend my time with. I remember being “bored” when I was younger and, fortunately, that doesn’t happen anymore. Who we spend our time with impacts our mental health, satisfies our need for connection, and helps us grow and learn. 

When I weave freedom in with who I spend my time with, I think of people who are uplifting and provide space for me to shine in an authentic way. This year is about gravitating towards those people. 

What I do

Every Sunday I write a blog post. I enjoy the consistent practice; it challenges me to grow, express myself, and show up. There are times when I don’t enjoy doing the post – like when I have writer’s block, am in an airport, on vacation, or under the weather. I also realize that it’s my choice to write the post or not. No one is forcing me to write and no one may even notice. Whenever I feel the resistance, I ask myself why I’m choosing to write. This doesn’t always feel like freedom but it truly is.

Now that we’re a month into the new year if you’re not a resolution maker and haven’t written down goals, what’s one word that you want to focus on for the next 332 days? Why does this word matter? What will you do to keep it at the forefront during the days ahead?

One thought on “What’s your 2020 focus?

  1. The word I choose for the next 332 days is “ENJOY.” This helps to focus on the upside of life. Granite, events and situations happen in life that can make it difficult to enjoy, yet I can step out if those situations and be in the present.
    Thanks Chelsea for this idea around focus. 😊

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