The Secret Signature of Autumn

After the rapid progression of blooming and blossoming during summer, autumn sets in like a cozy, soft blanket on a chilly day. The leaves are gently transitioning to beautiful reds, oranges, and yellows. Life is quieter. This time of year offers opportunity for reflection, transformation, and connection.  We’re well past half the year. Think back […]

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3 Ways to Find Your Purpose

You have a purpose to fulfill in your life. In Viktor Frankl’s book, Man’s Search for Meaning, he concludes that we each have purpose. He distilled this primarily from his time living in concentration camps during the Holocaust. He observed that the search for meaning, or purpose, sustained those who survived. I’m currently reading Stedman […]

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What Busy Seasons Mean

It’s September. The weather has shifted to 20 degrees cooler in the Pacific Northwest. We have gray skies and rain. Kids are back to school. Boot season has reluctantly started and I am back to grabbing a jacket on my way out the door.    I started ramping up on a new, exciting project in […]

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The Gift of Kindness

Kindness leaves a lasting impression. Do you remember when someone was kind to you? Do you remember the last time you were kind to someone else? What difference did it make? When I was 23, I worked at a family-owned production company in Hollywood. The family that owned the company was very good friends with […]

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Little Miss Can’t Be Wrong

Besides being a popular Spin Doctor’s song from the 90s, Little Miss Can’t Be Wrong has often been me.  Being right feels good. The harder the challenge, the more I want to be right. However, this gets messy when I’m locked up in perfection and being the best.  Pressure is often self-induced and the best […]

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Cultivating Joy

Like a plant without enough water, when you forget to feed your soul and your life with joy, your cheeks aren’t as rosy and your whole being isn’t as vibrant.  The good news is that joy can be cultivated over time. It’s within your reach and you have the key to bring it forward. If […]

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Organizational Freedom Hacks

Do you know what can give you the feeling of freedom immediately? Organization. That stack of papers you haven’t touched in a year? Are they helping or hindering you?  Studies have found that organization can reduce stress, increase happiness, and even help with better sleeping habits. I have tried many different ways of organizing over […]

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Define Your Time

Did you see that post? Catch that Tweet? Read that article? Hear about the horrifying event in the news? Did you get my text? Did you see my email? Did you catch that podcast? Breathe. We have created a world of abundant information that is delivered to us faster than ever. We have endless choices […]

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Creating Connection

I have a sustained curiosity for people. Because of this curiosity, I enjoy hearing why people do what they do, how they do it, and their experiences. Even with this curiosity, when I walk into a big event, I still get a feeling of panic about how to approach it. What will I talk about? […]

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