Creating Space for Rest and Relaxation

Life is like a river. Sometimes you’re riding the rapids with a smile on your face, other times you’re holding on, trying to control it all. Sometimes it’s mundane and slow (will I ever get to where I want to go?). Then, there are those times when you’re cruising easy and things fall into place.

Where are you on your river adventure?

I’m in the middle of a project that started in August for my business and I’ve been in the rapids frequently since then. This means I’m dedicating more hours after working my corporate job and on the weekends to this project.

What I know for sure about being in the rapids is that I need to create space for rest and relaxation. If compared to a river, this would be the spot where there’s warm sun, a shady spot for resting, and a refreshing swimming hole from which I can admire the beauty of the setting.

If you’re a driven person, or feel like your to do list is overwhelmingly long, here are ways to create space for rest and relaxation:

Plan it.

If you go, go, go until you get sick, frustrated, or exhausted, I invite you to plan rest and relaxation. This keeps you from getting to a breaking point. What you plan could be a myriad of things – reading with your favorite tea, brunch with friends, drawing, or binge watching a few shows. Or, embrace the many choices available by booking an Airbnb and in a nearby town – enjoy a change of scenery away from the laptop, TV, phone, etc.

Take breaks.

Incorporate exercise, your favorite music, time with friends or colleagues away from work. If you’re like me, you’ve resisted taking breaks. What I’ve found is that when I take breaks, I’m more productive when I return to the work.


You know yourself better than anyone. Is your body sending you a signal? Are you snappy? Do you dream about being on a deserted island? Creating time and ways to check in with yourself will help you slow down enough to see what’s up. To check in – take a walk, meditate, journal, sit in thought… The bottom line here is to make space to notice where you’re at.

By incorporating relaxation into your life, you’ll receive the following benefits: your stress level drops, you lower your blood pressure and cholesterol, metabolism improves, self-confidence is boosted,  your brain releases hormones that make you feel better, and you experience greater clarity.

If the message to create this type of space resonates with you, what is one thing you will incorporate today to make way for rest and relaxation?

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