The Gift of Kindness

Kindness leaves a lasting impression. Do you remember when someone was kind to you? Do you remember the last time you were kind to someone else? What difference did it make?

When I was 23, I worked at a family-owned production company in Hollywood. The family that owned the company was very good friends with Gene Wilder. 

When I met Gene, I offered him a cup of coffee with cream. Rather than cream, he specifically asked for milk. Being star struck and knowing we didn’t have any milk in the office, I simply nodded with a big smile and said, “yes, milk, ok.”

I hustled down to the small grocery store in the basement of the building to buy milk. After all, this was Willy Wonka! He had forever changed my life with his oompa loompas, chocolate river, and golden tickets! 

When I served Gene the coffee with milk, the President of the company called me out, “Chelsea, did you go and buy milk? We don’t have any milk.” I turned eight shades of red and said I had. 

Gene Wilder turned to me, looked me right in the eye and said, “You went and got milk just for me?” He was gracious, thankful, and incredibly kind. 

I’ll never forget how I felt in that moment – seen, heard, acknowledged, and appreciated – over milk! 

The next opportunity you have to be kind, know that you are offering a gift with a lasting impression. 

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