What to do when your job doesn’t cut it

You have a decent job and there isn’t anything wrong with it, per se. This job pays the bills but it is far from what you would describe as fulfilling. If this sounds familiar, know you can create fulfillment with a bit of strategic effort.

I’ll never forget the time when I was at an extremely unfulfilling job, staring at the clock, painfully watching the seconds go by. I wondered if that was all my career had to offer me. Fortunately, I grew past that point and have found fulfillment. Below are the keys that have helped me. 

Determine what you value

Values are core to who you are; they define why something is important to you. To identify your values, ask yourself what’s important to you in life. You can also look for clues in other people’s behavior that bothers you. For example, if you value authenticity, you won’t have much tolerance for people who are fake. To access a brief exercise on how to determine your values, see my previous blog post on Overcoming Limiting Beliefs here.

Focus on the positive

The days may drag on but what is positive about the days? You may have an opportunity to connect with people in different departments, spend time at a favorite coffee shop nearby, or work from home. Recognizing what you like will help you create this in the next role you take on too. For example, if you like working from home, your next role could have more flexibility in this area. 

Most of us naturally gravitate to people who are authentically optimistic. That means, doing your best to see the positive will help you progress in the direction you’d like to go in. 

Solve business problems

When you accepted the position, there was likely something you enjoyed about the company that drew you to it. What challenges does the business have that you can help solve or provide solutions for? Is there something your boss wishes she or he could do but doesn’t have the time for? Helping solve these problems will provide you with meaning, opportunity, and help your boss or the business. 

Think outside the office

Remember when you gave a gift to someone and they lit up with joy? Giving feels good. If you’re in a job that isn’t fulfilling, giving brings fulfillment. Volunteer, write a blog that helps others, start a podcast. 

Connect with people who are fulfilled in ways you would like to be – consider signing up for a class, dedicating time to a hobby, joining a meetup or a mastermind. 

These outside interests can help you identify what you enjoy and put you in alignment with the direction you want to go. You may think, beforehand, that you don’t know what direction you want to go in but you won’t know until you try something. 

A new decade is fast approaching and the new year is an excellent time to bring more fulfillment to your life. Having a coach, mentor, therapist, close friend, or family member to walk through this journey with you is helpful. 




If you are interested in learning more about how to work with me as your coach, email me at chelsea@risetotheoccasion.com.

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