31 days

The last 31 days of the year tend to fly by. I don’t know about you, but my calendar is busier than usual in the next few weeks. 

Before the calendar days escape you and me, now is an excellent time to take stock of the past year. Reflecting on what has transpired slows time and inspires for the remaining days of the year.

This year, I separated the last 11 months into four different categories: courageous, exceeded expectations, friends and family, and what to focus on in the next 31 days.


Think about how many times you are afraid or unsure. Your heart beats fast, you are afraid to say yes, maybe you dive into your phone as a distraction…This happens a lot. Now, think back on the last 11 months and the many courageous things you have done.

You are courageous when you know the fear and self-doubt exists and you do it anyway. Ironically, once you take action, you forget about the fear and self-doubt, which is why it is helpful to look back on the courageous things you have done. 

It doesn’t matter what result you got, or how it turned out, what matters for this list is what took courage for you to do. Write down what you have done this year that took courage to do.

Exceeded expectations

When something exceeds your expectations, you notice it in the moment; you’re smiling, happy, and possibly surprised. 

Over the last 11 months, my expectations were exceeded in simple and, highly unexpected, ways. 

After 20 years of wanting to visit Santa Fe, my husband and I made the trip together. The altitude, climate, and the charm and beauty of the town exceeded my expectations.

Hosting two online interview series this year taught me a lot about courage and being open about my passions. The support, encouragement and the bonds that formed through doing the shows exceeded my expectations.

Write down what has exceeded your expectations this year.

Family and friends

The people we are with on a regular basis are often the ones we overlook and take for granted. What have you done this year, so far, to enhance your relationships with your family and friends?  Write down what you’ve done. Doing this exercise can give you insight into how you are prioritizing your family and friends as well.

Focus for the next 31 days

Now that you have taken stock of the past 11 months, what do you want to focus on in the next 31 days? Do your different lists have an overarching theme? Is there something you wish you had on one of your lists that you can do this month? I advise you to keep this simple. Choose only one to three things to focus on. 

One thing I know for sure is that the next 31 days will go by fast, simply because of the commitments that happen during this busy time of year. Taking stock at this point in the year is a time to catch your breath and focus on what truly matters. 

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