Look for fulfillment in your truth

This past week I had the honor of speaking on a panel about women in leadership at Seattle University, hosted by Dr. Kimberly Harden. The energy and diversity in the room, mostly students, was refreshing and invigorating. The students were engaged, curious, and looking for answers.


What will the workplace be like for us? Will we enjoy it? What do I need to do to excel in the working world?


I’m grateful these students reminded me of my purpose, which is to empower people to live a life of deep meaning and impact.


Soon before this event, I found myself in a space of uncertainty. I know, from experience, that stepping outside my comfort zone is where the most rewarding growth happens. With that said, it’s not always easy. 


When I was in this space, I was unsure of my purpose, lost in what other people were thinking about me. When I share my vulnerabilities or things I believe in that do not align with the status quo, I am aware that I am powerful, inspirational, and encouraging. I also know it takes energy and a mindset focused on the goal, purpose, and intention. 


In order to realign with my center, I had to refocus on my purpose. Once I did this, I stopped caring about other people’s judgements and focused on who I am being of service to and why it’s important to me. Below is a recipe for what I did to get me back on track.


Own it

I acknowledged that I was letting what other people think of me hold me back from being my whole self. I told a few trusted advisors what was happening, not for sympathy or empathy, but simply to let it be known that this is what I was experiencing. 



Everything in my being felt off – my body, my thoughts, my routines, my feelings. Collectively, these were red flags for me to refocus on what matters most. This meant I took more time for reflection – walking, meditating, journaling, and creating physical space to separate myself from distractions. 


Pay attention to the right things

Life delivers many different messages. The ones that feel right – they light you up – are the ones to pay attention to. I followed the right messages, like bread crumbs, to land in a better spot. Doing this well comes from knowing what I value, what my priorities are, and what my purpose is. 


The next time you find yourself getting caught up in what other people think about you, use this recipe to guide you back to your truth.

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