Past, present, and yet to come

The holidays can bring bright and magical memories with them. Here are a few of mine – the harmonic voices of the choir when my Mom was a member, a hot cup of cocoa after an afternoon of sledding, a homemade doll gleaming under the tree on Christmas morning, exchanging gifts with a first love, the time my husband and I bought a tree with a hornet’s nest in it (one by one they woke up!), dinners with family, a private invitation to my friend’s family lighting the Menorah, the boat parade in Newport Beach, and the Torchlight Parade in Sun Valley. 

Although December can be one of the fastest moving months of the year, it can also be one of the most precious with focused intention. I realize not everyone’s holiday memories are pleasant and some may be experiencing grief; this post is meant to spark joy in those who are in a space to do so. 

In the famous story of Scrooge, he has a fierce desire to give, appreciate others, and spread joy after spending the night with the ghosts of Christmas past, present, and yet to come. 

In the last days of the year, here’s how to journey like Scrooge, to take delight in the season:


What are the sweet memories of the season that make you smile and evoke happy emotions? Take time to write them down or intentionally remember. 


What is going really well in your life? Take note of what you’re grateful for. What would make this time even better?

Yet to come

You have the power to decide how you show up in life. If the stress of the holiday is making you cranky, what can you do to ease up on the pressure you’re putting on yourself to relax into what’s to come? 

In the final days of the year, my wish for you is to experience joy, laughter, love, and magic.

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