Define Your Time

Did you see that post? Catch that Tweet? Read that article? Hear about the horrifying event in the news? Did you get my text? Did you see my email? Did you catch that podcast?


We have created a world of abundant information that is delivered to us faster than ever. We have endless choices about what kind of content we consume.

How do you find space to calm down, reflect, and simply be?

Define your time.

Defining your time can be easy, once you commit to it. If your calendar is packed, you will need to create time for yourself. This time may be at 5:00 am, noon, or 10:30 at night. This time belongs to you. Creating this space is not only important for you but also for the people you spend your time with.

Spiritual, personal development, health, fitness, and business leaders commonly talk about two things regularly – writing and meditation. Both of these practices can be done with very little effort and hardly any props.

Both writing and meditation are proven to calm the mind, offer more peace and clarity, and are easily accessible.


Writing is known to reduce stress and anxiety. When you keep your thoughts locked in your head, they stay there and ruminate.

However, when you write down your thoughts, it becomes more clear what has priority, what’s real, and what can be let go of.

If you don’t know what to write, start by writing what you’re grateful for.


I was resistant to meditation for many years. I grew up with a Mom who meditated before it was mainstream. The benefits were not as well known as they are today. As a result, people made fun of her. I didn’t want to be outcast. I also thought it was too hard because I thought the goal was to clear all my thoughts.

Luckily, for me, meditation continually piqued my curiosity and the benefits are well known now. I learned that meditation is an observation of thoughts and not clearing of all the thoughts – Thank goodness!

Meditation decreases stress and anxiety, just like writing. It also decreases pain and inflammation and increases immune function.

There are many apps available to get started with meditation for free – Headspace, Simple Habit, Insight Timer, and Calm. If you prefer to meditate with others, check out your local yoga studio or community college for meditation classes.

Both writing and meditation are simple to do if you don’t judge your results. These practices are meant to be gifts for you. Treat them as such by staying open to observation.

Some days you won’t feel like meditating or writing, I challenge you to do it anyway. Over time, both these practices get easier and are proven to have a positive impact.

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One thought on “Define Your Time

  1. Ah meditation!
    Your mom, me, didn’t just meditate I went for an Eastern path that included vegetarianism
    and no use of alcohol drinks or drugs of any kind. I chose a very strict path to follow. I experienced a very peaceful time during the years I was committed to it. Now I turn to the meditation at times when I want to, while hiking or time alone. I have to say the meditating has given me an inner calm like nothing else.
    I’m so pleased you are meditating
    and finding your peace within.


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