When you were a toddler learning how to walk, I bet you fell down a lot. In fact, before you even took your first step, you turned over for the first time, you slid around on the floor, and eventually you crawled.

You were determined because what you knew from your observations was that you were meant to walk.

How did you do it? You kept going. You were consistent with continually moving to reach your goal. This same structure can be used to exemplify how to achieve your goals today.

It’s said that it takes 10,000 hours, or between 6 – 10 years, to know something really well, as an expert. That means if you have a stretch goal to create a difference in your life, it’s guaranteed that time will be involved. Yet, sitting around and waiting does not mean your goal is going to be reached.

What is going to help you grow and achieve the greatness you’re seeking is consistent action. Consistent action is the key for transformation.

For many years I had a habit of finding the negative in life. What that resulted in was missing out on awesomeness and opportunity. I also felt down a lot of the time because of it.

What I eventually realized was that living my life that way was not serving me. Over time, I learned how to create new, consistent habits to restructure my perspective.

After hearing about having a gratitude practice for years from other people, I decided to do something about it.

At first, I created a gratitude jar, then my husband and I teamed up in helping one another with gratitude, and today I write down what I’m grateful for on a consistent basis.

This helps me look for the good – including the hope and possibility in life.

My results with this practice were not immediate. However, making the decision to continue the action of doing has changed my life for the better.

What are you thinking about stretching for that you’re not taking action on? Why?

If you’re unsure where to start, overwhelmed, or afraid, pick one thing to do. This one thing is a small step closer to your goal.

One of the best ways to learn is from other people who have achieved what you’re looking to do. As you begin your journey, who can you talk to, read about, follow, or listen to to advise you as you go?

If you have a big goal you’re holding back on and need help clarifying why your stuck, email me at When you’re at your best, the entire world benefits.

Consistency creates habits and habits create action.

Consistency -> Habits -> Action -> = Goal Achievement

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